Marley had a busy morning this morning, and is already zonked out back on her bed again at 11:00 AM. It was so nice when we got up that I decided to take her over for a nice walk at the dog park near the house. We don’t go very often any more, mostly because well, she doesn’t really get along well with too many other dogs these days. She has always been nervous around packs of dogs, but the last few years she gets really skiddish around dogs in general and as sad as it is, I just don’t trust her, so she always stays on leash.
It was bittersweet being back at the park where she used to go and run like the wind. Today’s walk was definitely a slow amble around the park. Seeing all of the other dogs run and romp, and interact – I wish Marley was still doing that. There is something incredibly sweet about her in her old age though. Well, sweet until she gets all growly at a dog that comes near her!
It was a great day out there, dogs running everywhere, and people happy to be out of the house after being cooped up all winter. We kept to the periphery of the park making our way along the stream. We ran into a few small dogs that we said hello to (the small ones pose no threat so Marley just sniffs and moves on).
After about 45 minutes of getting muddy and sniffing about it was back in the car. We stopped at the groomer to get her nails clipped. We are now just both dozing in the sun until I head out again this afternoon to visit with a friend and her new baby.

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