Dear Emotional Meltdown,*

Next time you chose to visit at the most inopportune time could you please give me a teeny warning, like maybe just 5 minutes BEFORE I walk into the meeting? I know it is much better staged for you to wait until we are 15 minutes into the meeting to show yourself when someone gets expresses his/her disagreement with me, but really it is not convenient.

Thank you for at least being courteous enough to let me hold hold it together until the meeting was over, so only my boss saw me upset. I am sure the rest of the people in the meeting just thought I was odd.

It makes me look foolish. Now you and I both know I am an emotional being, but I thought we had it worked out. I am all for a good cry, but I need to be alone, so I don’t look freakish getting upset over some bullshit at work. Granted, it was a meeting where we were having the same conversation for the 5th time in 5 days, but we both know the tears weren’t over that.

We both know that apparently I have some residual divorce, who am I, mid-life mini crisis thing going on, compounded by work being challenging, and we both know that I am suppressing, ignoring, positive talking myself out of most of it. I know it is your job to keep me honest and not let me suppress it too much because that’s not healthy.

But next time, PLEASE can you stay settled down until I am out of sight of my boss.

* Yes I realize that writing a letter to my emotional state is a sign in and of itself that I am losing it. What can I say? Roll with it people.

One thought on “Dear Emotional Meltdown

  1. Dear Michelle's Emotional Self,Give the girl a break! She is a sweet and kind person and you have tormented her enough! Why not throw caution to the wind and allow her to respond as if she did not have a care in the world when these crazy types make her unhappy. After all, she deserves only the best in life!

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