Seems that I am waiting for a few random things this week:

  1. I am excited for my camera and lens to come this week. I received the email that is has shipped and I know what will happen – it will come when I am not home and I will have wait and pick it up the next day!
  2. I am not so excited, but still waiting, for my tax refund. It was supposed to come in last week but didn’t. I called the IRS this week (not too bad of an experience really) and was told that there was a problem at the Andover processing center where my return was being handled. The problem is on their end and has to do with one of the electronic form that gets filed for paying back the homeowner credit. It doesn’t impact everyone who filed that form so OF COURSE the ex already got his refund
  3. I am STILL waiting for the refund from the gym membership. The paperwork said I should get it in February and a call in February to the main office, said I should get it in March. Another call in March, says – you guessed it “April”. I am not surprised but I think if I call every two weeks, eventually it will get processed and mailed.
  4. The crocuses in my yard are just starting to peek through. We are expecting a few more chilly days in the 40’s before we head back into the 50’s so I think I am going to have to wait a bit more for them to come up fully!
What are you waiting for?

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