My camera and lens came today! I have a lot to learn.

Right off the bat I realized what I didn’t know:

  • The memory card does not come with the camera. Not even a nice little starter one. You can’t even play around with a new camera without a memory card. Best Buy was the first stop after figuring this out. I got a nice HD memory card and best of all it was on sale.
(l) standard 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens       (r) 50mm F/1.8 lens

During my research I had come across several blogs and several friends who had raved about their 50mm lens, saying things like, “it is a great everyday lens,” and “I love it because it lets more light in.”

So I bought the body of the camera – A Canon Digital Rebel XS – and decided to get the 50mm lens to go with it.

Well folks no one TOLD me that it was a fixed length lens and really did not have much zoom to it. Maybe this is a problem, maybe not I have no idea (maybe someone can tell me?), but it might be a  problem for the class I signed up for since I think I need the added manual features that the standard lens comes with.

Can you tell I barely have a clue what I am talking about? I am going to email NESOP tomorrow and ask them. I hope it is OK to use the 50mm because if not I have to buy the other lens which makes no sense since it would have been cheaper to buy it as a kit with the camera, and then add the 50mm lens on, versus doing Body+50mm and then PLUS going back and getting the standard lens.

Ay Carumba….

One thought on “What I Didn’t Know

  1. Oh my! No one should feel badly! I am the one who should have read the course requirements more closely. I am sure that I will use this lens for many things! Plus a great person with a cute dog in her avitar) is lending me the lens I need until I get one of my own!

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