“Be Still and Know that I Am Good”*

I have been trying my hardest to be still among some craziness in my life this week. For whatever reason it seems that work has been operating at full chaos this week, and at the same time I feel like for some reasin I have been taking things at a much more personal level, making it harder to not have what is going on around me affect me.

I have felt sensitive for some reason. I have been feeling like differences of opinions are disagreements, and confusion is overwhelming. I know this will pass, similar feelings have in the past, but at the moment it has me feeling a bit unsettled.

I have been re-reading a book that I read when I was studying Buddhism. It is called “When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times”, by Pema Chodron. It is not that I feel like anything is falling apart, in fact I am looking forward to quite a bit. I just remember this book being profoundly comforting to me when I first read it and thought I would take it out again, to maybe help calm my mind.

All of her writings are best read in context but I found I had highlighted many things that resonated with me the first time I read the book. A few of them are:

“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all” – This is a constant journey for me.

“To relate with others compassionately is a challenge…It means allowing ourselves to feel what we feel and not pushing it away” This includes ourselves.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we really need to know”

“Somehow in the process of trying to deny that things are always changing, we lose out sense of the sacredness of life. We tend to forget that we are part of the natural scheme of things”

Tomorrow may be all find stillness among the chaos of our lives.

* OK so the original quote is “Be still and know that I am God.” (from Psalms 45:13-48:14), but since I don’t know that and since I don’t quote from the Bible because I am not that religious, and because I believe in many things along with God, instead I made the quote feel more me!

2 replies on “Seeking a Stillness

  1. I read Pema's Dealing with Uncertainty when I went through my divorce 8 years ago, and it was so on-the-mark for me. I still like to thumb through and be reminded of tidbits of wisdom… some of this stuff I'm going to be learning my whole life (oh joy), and the reminders are good.

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