Right now! (borrowed from Janet)

1. I am thinking…how much I love kisses and ice cream?

2. I am thankful for…health insurance that covered one extremely crazy expensive eye medicine prescription I needed this week.

3. From the kitchen…came some homemade chicken noodle soup made by my mom.

4. I am wearing…yoga pants, a long yoga jacket and a light scarf. It’s still chilly in my house.

5. I am creating…space for greatness.

6. I am going…to to be so happy when the sun comes out again

7. I am reading…nothing at the moment – this is a problem!

8. I am hoping…for another date soon.

9. I am hearing…the buzz of the space heater and feeling the comfort from the warmth.

10. Around the house…are a few things to tidy up, but really it’s not too bad.

11. One of my favorite things…is being snuggled in bed without anywhere to go.

12. A few plans for the rest of the week…finally get back to work tomorrow, and a great brunch with Janet on Sunday.

13. A picture to share…

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