I just wanted to say that I love, love, LOVE my photography class. The teacher is a little ADD and a little off center but amazingly smart about both the technical and the creative side of photography. He admitted his website is out of date and not all that photographically creative, but as he said he is too busy being a photographer to care! I love that!

He kept saying, “OK I am going to go slow and get through the first night of technical stuff and then it will be more of an open forum”… and then wham, 5 seconds later we are all clamoring with questions, and feeding off of each other’s energy, in-expertise, and apparent thirst for knowledge. It was amazing.

We learned – or rather he started to teach us about aperture, and shutter speed and how it relates and what we can manipulate creatively with it and swoosh maybe 70% of it went right over most of our heads the first time, then he repeated it in a different way and we got a little, more. There was SO much information that it was a little bit overwhelming but mostly, almost entirely invigorating and fun.

We all had Nikons or Canons – mostly at the level of the Digital Rebel XS or slightly above, excpet for this one guy. He introduces himself and says that he has been taking photos only with his iPhone for 3 years and he thought he would take a step up, get a camera and take the class. Then he pulls out this MAC-DADDY of a Professional level camera – I think it was the Canon EOS 5D – along with 3 lenses and some wild flash and admits to us all he has no idea how to use it.

The teacher thought this was hysterical, and the guy looked like he was afraid to touch the camera!

Most of us are the to learn about the settings on the camera, and how to take better photos. So, for the next 8 weeks, we are not to shoot any photos (for class) in the “green zone of death” – that is in automatic mode. This week we are to shoot entirely in Manual Mode – he gave us a bunch of different starting points. Then next week we will shoot in Program Mode. Oh yes, and the “hard” part – NO post production editing – that means no Photoshop, Picassa, nothing. I feel naked already.

Wild, exhilarating stuff. So I will be out and about trying out all kinds of things this weekend for our first assignment.  Oh, and I (of course) chatted with this really nice woman in the class who lives in Lincoln, and is the same age about that I am, and we are going to get dinner before class one week soon!

So photography course has my heart racing and my energy going – now off to Friday and date night!

2 replies on “Racing Heart

  1. I need a class like that SO bad. I don't have a professional camera, but definitely one way outside my skill level… And I hope you have a lovely date!

  2. Sounds like a good class. I keep meaning to take one and somehow manage to always put it off, except for last year. I signed up for a class and then my mum ended up in the hospital for a month and kinda used up all my spare time.

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