Almost a week gone by without a post. Life has been humming along nothing too wild which is quite nice sometimes. I took a bunch of photos this weekend for my class and to get familiar with my new camera. I took quite a few and came away with two that I really liked. I have a hunch they were “lucky shots” more than my suddenly newly acquired skills!

click to enlarge  – it’s much nicer!
My plan is to go back and this same photo when spring has really come around, and then in summer, and fall and winter again. Buddha for all seasons.
I also took this photo of my friend Janet and her boyfriend Dave which I like. I have an affinity for photos that are not centered — off center Buddah, off center friends – see a trend?
click to enlarge – it’s much nicer!

The Buddha shot was taken with entirely manual settings! Go me! The one of Janet and Dave were on “auto” shhh don’t tell my photography class teacher; the assignment fort this week was to only shoot in manual, but I couldn’t resist!

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