Gosh I have been away a bit haven’t I? I am not sure where I have been. I mean I have been here, just doing the pretty basic stuff, so I guess not much to report.

Easter was quite nice. Went to church with my parents and took some silly photos since we got there so early. My parents need to get everywhere early, and it was too nice out to go in 20 minutes early.

My brother and the girls came to my parents house and the girls. My sister in law was sick wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t join us. Seems like she had the same 24-hour stomach bug I had a month or so ago.
The girls looked adorable in their Easter dresses.
Instead of candy I – as the Easter Bunny – got the girls new matching rain boots. We had an easter egg hunt in the yard and had an amazing dinner cooked by my mom.
Work was pretty easy today, something about having a personal day off on Tuesday makes getting through Monday a little easier. Basically ctr and I agreed to play hooky together on the same day to go and do something fun now that he is back from his vacation out to see his parents.
A fun day of hooky – isn’t that a great way to spend a Tuesday? I think so.

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