Wow apparently I owe this place, and myself a post to catch up on things. I guess I haven’t posted much because at the moment my life has been full of ups and downs that come and go quickly. Not in a concerning way just in a “I can’t keep up with myself long enough to write about it” kind of way.

Yes I was in a major funk last week, but it passed. I knew it would. Knowing it would pass didn’t make it any nicer but I guess that is a little bit of wisdom I have actually truly ingrained in myself along the way is – things pass.

It really does always pass. The bad things, the good things, everything, life is always changing. Don’t like where you are or how you feel? Hang in there, it WILL pass – and it did pass for me last week. ENjoying something immensely? Enjoy it as much as you can, because it will pass in some way, or morph into something else (it might even be better!)

I headed into my weekend excited about spending time with ctr. We had a great weekend. Headed to Kimball Farms Saturday and played miniature golf.

I proceeded to break my own LIFE record and got not one, not two, but THREE holes-in-one! On the second hole-in-one I got so excited I was jumping up and down and tripped right over the rock that was on the course, falling right on my arse. hard. Shit it hurt, and it was ridiculously embarrassing too! What was even more “embarrassing” is that despite my three holes-in-one? I still lost!

We had dinner there and then headed back to walk Marley. We spent the evening with him (trying) teach me how to play poker. The rest?… Well, that’s my secret.

This week so far has been better both at work, and in general.  I am past Wednesday and headed torward another weekend. Now if we can just get rid of this rain!

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