So my last post. I am not exactly planning my next vacation destination, but may possibly have the opportunity to spend 10-15 days in one of these locations next January as part of a support volunteer for my organization.

It’s hard to say too much without giving away where I work and prefer not to write about it specifically here. My organization will be sending large groups of people to these locations and they are looking for volunteers to go and help support that. As part of the work, I would get to step outside of my current job/role for 15 days (but not take vacation time) and go work in one of these locations.

It’s hard work, not physically hard but just hard, but cultural and business immersion type work. Basically on call 24 hours a day for the entire time. Two volunteer positions for each location supporting 30-45 others. Can I go on that little sleep – really that is my biggest concern. Well that and how I would make it through a 17-hour plane ride to get there.

My top choice is Africa, any of the locations. I won’t know until July if it’s a go or not, but I am pretty jazzed about it.

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