Today after weeks – literally – of rain the sun was out all day. It was glorious. I know it probably sounds ridiculous to be so over the top about the weather but it makes such a difference for me. I love a good rainy day to nap, watch movies and rest up for the next great summer day, but a month almost of rain is too much. I really am a much better, much happier person when the sun is out.

And when Wednesday is over. I know this part is entirely psychological, and I know all the happy go lucky bloggers and therapists in the world will tell me this is mind over matter, that I should live in the moment, be grateful for what I have, and make every day great *rolling my eyes*, but for me my time away from work is better than my time at work, so the closer I get to the weekend, the more bouyant I become.

Hey, it’s who I am and I own it. I am better in the sunshine and after Wednesday is over.

I am great on a sunny Friday afternoon – or in this case, tomorrow, a sunny Thursday afternoon because we have Friday AND Monday off this year for an extra long Memorial Day weekend AND I have plans with the new guy in my life.




Life is good.

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