So this is a little bit of where I have been. Yup, practicing up on my indoor skydiving! It was amazing, I thought I would be at least a little nervous but nope, not a single nerve!

Click the image – it’s way cooler larger!

Chris and the kids and I went as part of a larger group. After a short 10 minute class we each got geared up -jumpsuit, goggles and helmet (such an attractive look!). We each got two sessions to “fly” the first one was lower to the ground, and the second one we were able to go much higher up with the instructor.

Click to make larger!

I expected to feel kind of out of control but the air literally wraps itself around you so you don’t feel like you are falling at all while you come down. Now I know that floating up is probably a whole hell of a lot different than JUMPING out of a plane (actually you lean forward not really jump), but I am still so ready to do a real skydive!

The folks at the Indoor place suggested two places in Massachusetts and even tipped me off that one of them will be offering a Groupon in the coming months. I really feel like I want to do this, take on something that is beyond my comfort zone, something that will give me an adrenaline rush and get me out of myself, out of head. It’s not really a matter of if I do it, it’s just a matter of when.

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