Sometimes I just can’t come up with the words to write down what’s going on in my world. Or maybe feel that I can’t write about it well, so I skip writing about it at all. Then, I come across a blog post that so.perfectly articulates exactly what I have been trying to put into words.

So today, I am taking the easy way out and just saying that I have been feeling the same way as Lindsey at A Design so Vast.

Do you know this feeling? There are days when I’m so impatient, so utterly aggravated with every single thing – and person – in my life that I can’t even stand myself. I slam on the brakes at red lights, am annoyed with everything anyone says, and find myself snappish. I’m also forgetful, even less coordinated than usual: driving to the wrong destination, stubbing my toe on things, walking into rooms and not knowing why I’m there.

I feel a frantic discomfort, as though I literally want to climb out of the container of my own life. As if I cannot bear another single moment inside my body. All of the rushing and distraction is just, I know, a desperate effort not to be present, not to really look and see. What I don’t know is why it is so insufferably difficult for me to do that, to be here, right now.

Lame way out to just link to her words? Maybe. But she really does say it perfectly. It’s kind of amazing really how someone I have never met can write a post that so amazingly details EXACTLY how I have been feeling.

Now don’t get me wrong. Things are going great – and on so many levels, I am really happy, which is why this funk is all the more annoying. The upside, I have been here before and I know it will pass.

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