God I am beyond tired this morning, but I am happy, and content, so tired is OK. I drove my boss to the train station this morning at 6:15 AM. This is huge for me since it takes a feat of God for me to get out of bed by 7:00 AM most days. Getting up at 5:00 AM was like raising the dead. After dropping him off I was at the office by 7:00AM which means…I can leave at 3:00PM today! See, tired is OK.

It has been a long few weeks, work has been very busy and I yesterday I had to give an hour long presenation to 60 people. To say I was anxious, nervous, and stressed before hand is an understatement. I was a wreck yesterday.

But it went well, and it is over, and it is Friday, and I saw C.T. last night. Last week marked 3 months since our 2nd date – which I really count as our first date since I don’t count the first date because he was then delpoyed for 6 months and we had no notions of if we would even see each other for a 2nd date until he got back…….

Things are going well. I am happy, and we have plans to take a few days off together in July and August when his kids are at camp/visiting grandparents, and I am really looking forward to that.

What are you looking forward to these days?

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