I am sitting on my back patio just happy to be out of work and on my patio really.  Summer evenings really are great. Had a nice dinner with C.T. last Thursday and saw him again on Saturday. I really am enjoying time we spend together. What can I say, it makes me smile, and while sometimes I find myself thinking that more would be nice, I feel like the pace we have going is good – seeing each other on weekends, and occasionally for dinner during the week.

It’s does feel like it is getting a little more complicated – not bad, but complicated – more like real life I guess. At times I feel like I might be having a hard time reading him.  He raised the “commitment” conversation again (hmm just realized I never posted anything about the first conversation). The gist of it is he wanted me to know he is not ready for a full-on commitment and he wants to be upfront with that.

But here is the thing I can’t figure out. He says that but then he:

  • Not only introduces me to the kids but we do things together pretty regularly (like weekly).
  • Not only meets my parents but was the one to suggest it. (totally casual meeting not anything formal).
  • Plans things with me for (sometimes) weeks away
  • Sees me once or twice a week
  • Calls when he says he is going to
  • Pays for everything we do together
So what’s the problem right? Really there isn’t a problem except that most guys are the opposite – they say they are OK with a relationship (well they don’t say that but they lead you to believe they are) and then pull away. He says he isn’t ready for full-on commitment but then acts like he is all in. 
I know he has a lot going on –  finding a new job in the next year, possibly needing to find a new house, and some other stuff. I’m not complaining, and I am not sitting around on the days we are not doing something together. I do really like him, and I am almost certain that the best thing for me to do is do exactly what I have been doing.
So ,I think for now I will skip running into his house and yelling “If you like it then you better put a ring on it” LOL.  Just kidding folks….just kidding.
Things I am grateful for today:
  • My back patio and my front porch
  • My bed – gosh how I love to languish in bed in the morning
  • The long 4-day 4th of July weekend that is upcoming (I love my employer for giving us Friday AND Monday off)
  • Having a Project Manager on the biggest project I have this year
  • Marley dog

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