The first half of this 4th of July weekend was kicked off with a bang. CTR came over yesterday and we headed into Boston to walk along the Seaport. We had a drink at the infamous Barking Crab. It was crowded and we didn’t stay there for dinner since it can be kind of tourist trappy (aka overpriced). Instead we had dinner out on the patio at The Atlantic Beer Garden where we had amazing food, but crappy service (you can’t win ’em all!). It was just so nice to sit outside and chill, and not rush to have to be anywhere.
I’ll admit by the end of the night I was feeling the effects of the day 😉 But  we walked around quite a bit after dinner and by the time we had taken the bus home all was well 🙂
Today we got up early-ish and went kayaking for the first time (first time for me) and I am pretty proud of myself. We did 6 miles of kayaking from  Newton down to Waltham and back. It was much easier than I thought. We might have kept going but we were stopped by a rather large dam/waterfall. Next time I want to get on the river in Allston and head along the Charles through Cambridge by Harvard and MIT where the crew scullers row. There is a third area where you can get in the river by Kendall Sqaure and kayak into the low parts of Boston Harbor by the Museum of Science. That; a little tougher because of the currents, it is more like sea kayaking. 
After a lazy afternoon trip to the bookstore to pick up Denis Lehane’s new book, I was happy to settle in on my front porch and read for awhile. 
Tomorrow CTR is having a BBQ at his place and Monday if the weather holds out I just might head out for another round of kayaking. How’s your weekend going so far?

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