All great things must come to an end. How cliche is that? But gosh don’t I feel this way at the end of every good weekend.

Yesterday CTR, the kids and I headed to Walden Pond and it was so nice to swim! It sounds crazy I know but I don’t get to actually swim very much and I love it. We had dinner, played some poker, went for the most delicious ice cream around and watched the saddest movie for the 2nd time this month. It hits me at the core every time, tears, waterworks, the whole deal, but yet I have to watch it every time.

I had planned to go kayaking again today but after getting a late start and feeling the crazy humidity at noon, I decided my day was to be better spent reading and drinking iced tea. And that is exactly what I did for the day – well that and a little Angry Birds (I admit I am an addict!). Gave Marely a good spray with the house and she loved it!  We stayed and spent some time with mom and dad and had dinner with them. Actually it was nice to have a day of nothing.

I am wrapping up watching The Adjustment Bureau in the cool a/c and getting ready for a nice short (but crushingly busy week at work). I love July and August because there really are only a few weeks that I work a full week.

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