I went to bed last night feeling off; overly emotional or something. I woke up this morning feeling completely out of sorts. I felt like I wanted to pace, or cry, or throw something. And eat, I wanted to eat a lot.

Basically I felt like a caged cat.

Then I got my period. Lovely. That explained it all.

I don’t get it every month – infertility, early peri-menopause, hormones, the works. I have no complaints that I don’t get it every month except that I forget. I have no idea when it is coming and so I forget that the symptoms of insanity actually are PMS.

I am sitting here at my desk at work wanting to strangle someone. No particular reason but many small reasons, none of which are worth conducting any kind of stragulation.

I really just think I need a hug. And some chocolate.

Definitely some chocolate.

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