Today was one of those crystal clear not to hot, no humidity at all, perfect-10 summer days. I am happily sun-kissed but not burnt, water-logged from swimming, and ready to sleep like a baby.

Someone take a photo please to remind me of this during the 9 months of non-summery weather we have around here.

Hampton Beach was surprisingly one of the best beaches around. The water was perfect, the beach was clean, and we had nice beach neighbors. The boardwalk was entirely another story but we stayed away from that. Riff-raff, honky tonk, PWT, whatever you want to call it – just not my style. The trick is to go as far down to the end as possible, and by end I mean to the left AWAY from the hub-bub, concession stands etc. The icing on the cake was we scored a great FREE parking spot only 2 blocks from the beach.

We stayed about 3 hours, and probably would have stayed longer but I was getting hungry. The plan was to head to Brown’s Seafood for lobster only about 5 miles away but after 20 minutes of not moving traffic – we called it a day and headed home. Lobster will have to wait till next time.

So amazing day. I have to work Monday and Tuesday this week but then have the rest of the week off as Part I of the summer vacation.

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