Yes it has been another bunch of eons since I have updated. I am having a good summer. Right now I am sitting on my back patio, sweating like crazy (which is so much better than sitting in my office freezing), drinking a beer – yeah I know don’t fall over – I had a few beers at the Country Music Festival last week – and actually liked them – go figure.

Life is humming along, and like I said I am enjoying it. Had a great string of days off last week. Day trip to Provincetown, day at the lake with the girls, the concert, all great. Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t ask for much more than that.  CRs kids are back from visiting their grandparents on Saturday. It was a nice stretch of adult time, the first stretch we have had since we met. They go to sleep away camp on August for 2 weeks, so we will have another bunch of days then. I am thinking of suggesting a couple of days at the Cape.

I do love (oh wait am I allowed to use that word yet? – have I mentioned I hate the “protocols” that go with new relationships) the kids and don’t mind when they are around at all, but it is nice to have some time with them away too. A 2nd cousin of mine is getting married up in Maine in September – and I am waiting to see if I get invited with a +1. If I do I am going to invite CR – I know it is a long shot, since he would have to get his ex to take the kids but it is just an overnight so we’ll see.

Hmm I guess I should post more often since this is now pretty long. One last thing….

Today would have been my 10-year anniversary. I have no regrets; it;s just weird to think of.  Been doing some thinking about what it all means, being single, well dating someone, well, really liking someone, all the while wondering how do I get from here to 10 years of comfortable with someone (anyone).  I find myself feeling unanchored these days, which is a good thing and a bad thing.

It’s good because I am just me I can make decisions for myself, do what I want etc. But it’s bad because I hate living alone, I hate being “just one”, and I want the 10 years of comfortable with someone, but it has to be the right someone.

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