I’m having a hard time figuring out the whole realtionship thing. I never did get to see Chris this weekend. Friday and Saturday were tied up for me with work, and Sunday he ended up stuck in CT traffic longer than expected dropping off his kids.

I am not overly upset about not seeing him, life happens, but what I am frustrated/sad by is that he never called last week and he called today to tell me that dinner wasn’t going to work at 6:00 PM AFTER I had called him and left a message asking of we were on for dinner or not. To me that is (a) rude, and (b) him not caring. He could have just called at 3:00 or 4:00 or even 5:00 to say, “I’m sorry but it’s not going to work out tonight.”

I have vascillated between just wanting to have it out, thinking I am over reacting, and feeling really sorry for myself.

We are supposedly going to have dinner tomorrow and I know I have to say something, otherwise I am going to keep it all bottled inside and will explode. The basic jist of it is this: We have been dating 5 months. While I know he says he isn’t ready to be in a serious “commitment” we are in a relationship and if he is not taking that seriously I need to know.

If he is not taking it seriously I will be upset because why would he introduce me to his kids, and not just introduce me casually but integrate me into activities with them? Why would he meet my parents? Why would he talk about things weeks and months away?

So see? 1/2 of me says, with everything he’s doing he IS into me and just being a guy – and the other 1/2 of me feels like I am missing some gigantic red flag.

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