I am uttlerly burnt out on technology. I am tired of Facebook being the only way people stay in touch, tired of feeling guilty that my Google Reader has over 50 unread messages, wearied by the fact that no one calls anymore and text is like the only way people communitcate with me anymore. I am in a stupor over how many emails I get a day (mostly at work), and most of all I am burnt out on the specific Microsoft technology product that I manage at work.

We had a major upgrade this past weekend and it took us 16 hours on Saturday to complete. Since then I just cannot bear to look at it. Getting through Monday and Tuesday at work was hard and I am thrilled to say that I am on vacation now until the 15th.

You won’t see me on Facebook, or on this blog after this post for awhile. If you email me I will reply, but really if you want to know how I am…..

…call me and ask. Human interaction is scary but I know you can do it. I am still answering the phone.

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