I think I had a mini panic attack today when I walked into the store and was bombarded with Back-to-School stuff. I really can’t believe that it is already the middle of August. Just thinking of the end of the summer has me reeling. I am having a good summer, doing a lot, and having a great time. I just can’t help the feeling that time is FLYING by.

I don’t just mean the summer but in general. My niece is turning FOUR this weekend. I am turning FORTY this year. I have been divorced for over a YEAR. I mean I know life goes on, and all but can it please slow down. It’s not the “I Need to Meditate” kind of feeling but more of the “Make it Stop” kind of feeling. I know this ishow life goes, I just wish it was going a bit slower.
Truth is, I really like Fall too, so I just need to focus on that, and not think of the season (not to be named) after Fall.
Tomorrow I am heading out to see if I can maybe find a new bedroom set. I am turning 40 this Fall and think it is kind of time to maybe have some things that match.

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