I have been feeling a little blue lately. Nothing tragic, just seem to be having a bit of trouble bouncing back from the intensity of work the last month and feeling a little blah.

Had a great day today with mom. I have been thinking that I want to update my bedroom and finally get a non-hand-me-down bedroom set. You know step it up to being an adult. We went to Jordan’s just to browse and I ended up loving a dining room set and a bedroom set. Showing some restraint, I did get just the bedroom set. A long, low bureau, a chest of drawers and a nightstand in a cherry finish. Scheduled to be delievered in 7-10 weeks. Apparently it is a popular set.

Aside from it’s look what I liked most about it was the company, that it is made in America, and it feels solid. I was impressed. So many of the sets we looked at just felt hollow, and this one had a much more substantial feel to it. Since it is Tax-Free weekend in Massachusetts this week I was able to save $160.

I’m looking for a new comforter set and print for over the bed. By the time I turn 40 in 9 weeks I should have my very own “big girl” room all set!

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