Another weekend over. Had a quieter weekend than the past few. I guess this is OK but I have liked being busier this summer. Chris and I picked M and C up at camp yesterday. Seeing all the kids made me a bit sad. There was this other couple there and the mom was so happy, so excited to be picking her daughter up from camp – it was a little over the top really, but it hit me in the gut somehow. Sometimes things like that take me by surprise, out of the blue and I realize I will never have the chance to know what those mom moments feel like. It was nice picking up M and C but they aren’t my kids, and I am still new to them so it’s not the same. They don’t rush out to hug me because they miss me.

I did get a note via Chris, from C while he was at camp and a note from M too. Honestly I love that.

Tonight was a mellow night with Chris. His ex seems to be pulling some shit with him about his having beer in front of the kids. Apparently she made some passing comment about threatening to sue him for full custody. Seriously, full custody? She has only taken the kids for TWO overnights since I have been dating Chris starting in March. She is off flying back and forth to Norway and doing whatever it is she does, and then she thinks she can chime in with that threat.

They talked about it a bit before she left for Norway and she is coming back Tuesday. It sounds like it was a passing threat but Jesus who throws threats like that around? I am sure that is part of the reason he was quiet tonight. So he told me today that he is not drinking around the kids (so they can’t go and tell her that he is drinking).

The whole thing is ridiculous because of any guy I have ever known he drinks so little. I guess 10 years ago he drank more but we all did. The more I hear about his ex the more I think she is manipulating the hell out of him and the situation. She wants him for his support (money and emotional) but when she wants her way she turns on him and threatens to do things like sue him for custody. I understand he doesn’t want to get into a war with her, but it must be so hard for him to keep it all in. I didn’t say it tonight but I will tell him, I would go to court in a heartbeat to testify on his behalf. He is the best father to those kids ever.

So I imagine he has a busy week ahead of him dealing with her once she is home. I am just going to lay low and get the updates.

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