Today was OK for a Monday. A friend of mine got a call for a job interview she has been hoping for. No one freaked out at work. I got to eat lunch outside in the most gorgeous weather ever today, and I stopped and bought myself a little pick me up (even though I wasn’t down) on the way home.

The best part of my day was when I got home and found I had an honest to goodness letter in my mailbox. I love mail. If I can’t get letters, I love getting anything in the mail. I still get all of my statements delivered as paper statements because I think mail is much more interesting that email or automatic anything. It is funny that I feel a sense of let down if I come home to find that absolutely nothing was delivered to my house.

So today when I got home and saw that I had a letter from one of Chris’ kids, I was thrilled. It was written last week when she was still at camp. I am guessing that it took a little longer than the standard day or two for delivery because there was no zip code on it. Inside the envelope it was folded into a tiny square and was written in ink longhand. I read it three times, and smiled.

The letter made my day. Partly because it was a letter and partly because she sent it. I like that at 12 she doesn’t hate me as her dad’s girlfriend. I *think* she gets that we are dating. I don’t ask. She is a great kid, and I am just glad that I am someone that she doesn’t mind having around.

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