Today we had a shake up of the earthquake kind. The earthquake in VA was felt all the way up here in MA and since I have thankfully never been in that situation before it was definitely a new shake up! Lasted only seconds, and was more of a “did I really just feel that” kind of moment. But, the whole office was chattering about it for an hour. I work with some excitable folks.

In other scary news, I almost, almost had one of those email moments today where I could have been in a very bad situation. After receiving and email from a woman that I am having some challenges with, I forwarded it onto my boss with some editorial comments.

Only I replied to her instead of forwarding.

You  have never seen someone scramble to “Recall” the message so fast. But I am 99% sure it worked. I got the “Recall Successful” message. In order for the recall to work the original message cannot already be read.

So I think I am OK. I had a call with her later in the day and everything seemed as usual. Thank God.

I learned a very, very big lesson today. If you want to vent about someone, do it in person. If you want to send it in an email. Don’t.

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