Irene did something amazing for me this weekend. She let me be lazy. Totally. Completely. Lazy. And it was great.

I did babysit my nieces on Friday and take M. and L. to get feathers in their hair as a back to school treat, but after that I went to Chris’ and was heavenly, slovenly lazy until 8:00 PM tonight when I came home. We were all lazy, well except for the times when we went out to check out the storm.

We played a never ending game of Monopoly, watched at least 3 movies, a very long 2nd Red Sox Game, and Rescue Me. We ate Oreos, made pancakes with chocolate chips for breakfast, and had tacos for dinner. Nope, nothing healthy about our eating this weekend, but it was just what I needed.

A nice short 3.5 day week this week (I have Tuesday off as Personal Day and 1/2 day on Friday. I am not happy that summer is coming to an end but I am feeling happy.

*a neighbor’s van that averted being flooded by less than 6 inches…..

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