I know Labor Day is still six days away, and until then we are still in summer. I have been quite grumpy about the end of summer so I decided to remind myself of all the things I like about Fall.

  • Fleece – cozy is always better than sweaty. I don’t mind the coziness of fall sweaters and…
  • Jeans – they are just more flattering than shorts….
  • Of course I like to wear both with flip flops…..
  • Unless of course I am wearing a new pair of leather boots, or Dansko Clogs…
  • I also like apple picking, pumpkins, being able to use candles…..
  • And of course….
  • Fall TV

Hands down, as if you didn’t already know, my favorite is Grey’s Anatomy. It has been a long summer with out McSteamy and McDreamy to keep me company.

Some people love him, some people hate him, but I love a good dose of grouchy HOUSE on Mondays.

I haven’t been a fan of Two and a Half Men for quite some time, but I am curious to see Ashton Kutcher fill in Charlie Sheen’s old spot and see how they transition the story.

And as always, I am a tried and true ANTM fan. Yes, it’s bad, but what can I say?

I am sure there are others, old and new that will suck me in. What are your favorites?

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