Dinner last night didn’t happen. I didn’t really get a reason, just a quick email that it wasn’t going to work and would Wednesday work instead. Wednesday it is. Honestly I am tired of over thinking the whole thing. In a way I am over it. I am starting to get it. We have a once a week thing and if I ever want this to become anything I need to be OK with that for now.

Not sure if I am OK with that for a long term thing but maybe for now, I could use to step back myself and just figure out being happy as me. Funny thing is I don’t have the feeling that he is going to call it off entirely. I think he is trying to figure out the “how to date at 6 months” thing and something in me does tell me that he does like me, a lot actually, but is overwhelmed with – Karen getting married, the custody of the kids situation, retiring from the military, getting a new job, possibly having to move, and his dad being sick.

Phew that is a lot isn’t it?

Maybe once a week isn’t so bad for now. Time will tell. For now I am just sitting with it as they say.


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