Fall weekends are so beautiful it almost makes me forget that I am sad that summer is over. Almost. Took a gorgeous ride today out Rte. 2 through Groton and Townsend up into Nashua. It’s not quite foliage season yet but it was really pretty and a the perfect thing to do on a day when I was feeling like I needed to be peaceful.

9/11 Ten Years Later…I can’t believe ten years has passed. I watched some of the morning’s tributes on TV and then chose to remember quietly in my own way. It had me quiet and pensive.

We stopped at Idelwide Farms on the way home. Lois has a friend from high school who’s husband owns the place. I was expecting a small little farm stand and instead it was the MacDaddy of Whole Foods of farm stands. I picked up a peach, strawberry pie and some mums for the front porch.

C. and I got to spend some real time together this weekend. The kids were with their mom and we went to The Atlantic Beer Garden in town for dinner. It’s definitely out of a normal routine thing for us to do and it certainly takes some doing to get there on public transportation (drive to the public bus lot in the Square->Take the Bus to Kenmore Sq.->Take the Green Line to Park St. -> Silver Line to Seaport area.

Needless to say we took a taxi on the way home. 🙂

It is quite the place – hit or miss on the service but last night was a good night. We had a good dinner and then hung out and watched some of the games that were on. I really enjoyed it. It felt good. Relaxed and fun.

I’m still hoping it will work out that he can come to Trish and Steve’s wedding – stay tuned for the outcome.

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