It’s Thursday night and I am ready for the weekend to be here. I haven’t heard from C. since Monday. I am not worried that I won’t hear from him, I am past that. I hope we have plans this weekend. I have no reason to think we won’t; we have done something each weekend for the last 6 months 🙂  –  If I follow my instincts, they tells me that I will probably hear from him around lunchtime tomorrow, and that letting him call me is better.

I have been pretty busy, and pretty tired this week, so I have been content to hang at home most nights after work. Had dinner with Janet last night and I finally got around to cleaning up a bit around here tonight.

This weekend I am going to fall-ify the apartment. I  planted some fall flowers – mums of course – in the porch boxes last weekend. I need to take out window ACs, organize some closet space etc. The new bedroom furniture is coming next week and the comforter too. I can’t wait to have my new bedroom all set up and cozy-ready.

Not too much else to update on for now.

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