Some days the best laid plains just don’t happen, and other plans take their place.  I know no one reads this blog but if someone happens across it tonight, please say an extra little prayer for a tiny little 7-pound dog who is banged up pretty bad after getting hit by a car earlier today.

CT.’s dog Ziggy managed to get hit by a car today after he took off from CT’s back yard. In some ways it was good that he was so small and dodged actual impact from the tires. But he has some pretty bad head trauma. The next 12-24 hours will be key to see if the swelling in his head goes down, if his seizures stop and if he gets his eyesight back.

M. and I were just headed back after getting manicures when CT called. We went right up and met him at the Vet ER. It was hard. I know how I process emergencies, but I wasn’t quite sure how they process emergencies, so I hung back a bit at certain times; trying to be just the right amount of supportive and caring.

There is more I could write but for now I just hope Ziggy is OK. M. snapped a photo of him at the hospital. It’s not too bad but it is sad.

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