Good news for Ziggy – he is getting better … slowly, but he is improving. No more seizures, his vision is back and he is responding to his name. So, every one is exhaling just a little bit. The next milestone will be when he can come home. CT is hoping for tomorrow but I think it might be another day or two.

Heading over there for dinner tomorrow night and then maybe a trip up to see Ziggy if he does stay over another day or two at the vet hospital.

Worked till almost 8:00 pm tonight. Not my favorite thing to do, but it happens rarely and it is always good to help out. Now I am camped out relaxing and watching some fall tv premiers. Dancing with the Stars and Two and a Half Men. I like Ashton Kutcher so much more than Charlie Sheen.

I have added a “cast of characters” to the top of my blog. I really do want to keep this blog anonymous so everyone is abbreviated – for a list of who’s who check it out.

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