Sure today was Indian Summer-like. We always have a handful of these in September and early October but really, it’s Fall.

It’s pretty much dark by 7:45 pm. There is often dew around in the mornings. Mums, and pumpkins are starting to crop up on more and more doorsteps.

I am over my “OMG SUMMER IS OVER” panic. It’s over. It is. It happens every year.

Now I am happy to be wearing jeans, with flipflops instead of shorts. Happy to have a cozy fleece handy for the late night dog walks. Happy to start drinking tea.

But now I am in my “OMG I AM ONLY THREE and a HALF WEEKS AWAY FROM TURNING FORTY” panic! Well, I am not really in a PANIC. Like the end of summer and the start of fall – I will turn forty. Time passes. We age. It is inevitable.

The question is what do I want to do in my next decade? Forty is the new Thirty right 😉

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