What are the odds of two people who have only met once getting someone this same t-shirt for their birthday? Think about how low those odds are and then think about what the odds are that someone’s ex-wife and their now girlfriend would get them the same t-shirt.

Yes. This happened to me.

I gave Chris a few things for his birthday and this was one of them. I got this in MAINE! When I told the kids what I got him, his daughter started laughing and said “mom got him the same t-shirt!” Either we both know him really well or he is ridiculously obvious about what is good to tease him about? Maybe both?

Seriously? He was amazingly nice about it and got a good laugh out of it too.

Aside from that faux paux we had a really nice dinner at Legal Seafood. I had this amazing Flounder Piccata and he had Cioppino with lobster, shrimp, scallops, and fish. Both were delicious.

Waiting now to see if the Red Sox win and make it to the Wild Card. My fingers are crossed but really I like football so much more. Pats against Oakland Sunday at 4:15!

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