Getting tools for my 40th birthday was a surprise. One I had to recover from quickly (and I did it well). Certainly not what I was expecting.

But truthfully, I need them and I did say the words, “you know what I really need is to get myself some tools, I just never make it a priority to get them.”

So he listened to me, made it a priority and gave me tools. Ladies, be careful what you say because sometimes they actually are listening.

Tools aside, my birthday weekend was fantastic. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, I exercised and it felt great, I ate cake and it tasted wonderful. I slept late, treated myself, got treated, got treats (and tools), had breakfast (and lunch) made for me, the Patriots won, and I got many wonderful wishes from friends and family.

And it’s not over yet!

My parents are taking me out to dinner later this week and my friends are coming to to hang out, celebrate and play pool next weekend.

So yes, I got tools for my 40th birthday but I also have amazing people in my life, who made me feel like just maybe, turning 40 is something I will survive!

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