I struggled with whether to title this post “The Extended Birthday” or “Why I Need to Not Eat Out, Spend Any Money, Exercise More, and Generally Get OVER That I Have Turned 40 and Get on With Living Already!”

I chose the shorter title.

Seriously my friends are great. I had an amazing time out last night, and it was really great for Chris to meet all the people I talk so much about. I celebrated a bit beyond my means (gross understatement) and all I can say is I am glad I don’t do that too often!

I have spent the day bouncing between my couch and my bed, and occasionally out to my front porch to soak up some vitamin D in the form of sunlight, wishing I had just a teeny bit less last night. It is amazing what we do to ourselves in the name of having a good time. At least with age come wisdom and I know tomorrow I will feel fine.

So it was a very lazy day today and tomorrow is starting the week over again. Time to get some Fall cleaning done around my house and time to hunker down into simplicity for some time. For those of you wondering what that means – well it means eat out waaaayyy less and spend even less than that!

I am so over 40!

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