Harumph. Today was an especially funky mood Monday.

I think it might have something to do with some possible over-sharing that happened this weekend that left me feeling vulnerable.

Or it could have been my mom calling me at work at noon (on every device I have) to tell me that 10 of my closest family members were going to dinner at 6:30 – see me there? (This always happens when a certain family member blows in from out of town)

Or I could have been tired. Or feeling restless and unfulfilled at work. Or restless at home.

Or Mercury could be in retrograde (only I checked and it is not).

Or who knows.

All I know is funk – funk – funk. The thing is I at least know when I am in a funk, and even better, I know it will pass.

But, so as to not to be entirely negative…

I did get to spend some super-awesome-amazing time with my niece at dinner. She was really cuddly tonight. We have this thing that we do, that I am sure people with kids do all the time, but I still love it.

I say to her, “How much does Aunti M love you?” And she says, “To the moon and back”. Only we have to say it 3 or 4 times because she always says it “wrong on purpose” and laughs hysterically which is so infectious it melts my heart – every-single-time.

To a less funk-y tomorrow.

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