I follow my hososcope from time to time, always for fun. I don’t plan things around it but I am always interested to read it at the end of day to see if any events of my day line up with what someone “predicted”. I guess you could say I have a healthy sketicism about it. This month I thought I would do a little pre- and post – on my horoscope. Below is an except from my Libra Monthly Hososcope. I will come back a the end of November and see what has aligned.

Dates to Note for Libra

  • Most romantic dates: November 2, 3, 11-13, 16-17, 22-23, 24, 26-27, and 30.
  • You may need to travel for work on November 22, 23, or 25. Meetings go well! (consideing I don’t work these days I think this one is doubtful)
  • A financial matter will come to a head on November 10 and be concluded within four days of this date.
  • More good financial news may come up November 27.
  • Mars moves into Virgo on November 10 until July 3, putting a huge spotlight on someone close (or you) in a hospital, rehab center, physical therapy, or psychotherapy at some point during that time. ( I hope not!)
  • In months ahead, you will be in a highly strategic mode, or you may choose to work on a project behind closed doors, one that requires a lot of concentration, thanks to Mars in Virgo.
  • The full moon November 10 (plus four days) could be a time you are returning from a long trip.
  • Your partner may be quite romantic (or have super creative ideas if this is a business relationship) on November 22-23. (I like this one!)
  • On the solar eclipse of November 25, much more travel is due in months to come.
  • Your sibling may be buzzed about as family news as a result of Neptune going direct on November 9, and also the November 25 eclipse and in weeks to come.
  • Mercury will be retrograde: November 24-December 13.

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