Maybe it is preparting to nest for the winter but I have had a huge urge to simplify things  – the physical things in my space recently. What do I mean?

– I want ONE moisturizer, ONE eye cream and not a dozen little sample tubes crashing out of the medicine cabinet every time I open it.

– I’d like to have my sock drawer contain ONLY socks that I really wear (same for underwear and I am not even going to talk about the shoes.

– The lipstick I wore at my wedding TEN years ago (yeah I can most certainly throw that away).

– I want to finally get the 4 pairs of pants and single curtain panel hemmed. They have been lingering around un-hemmed for months. They are useless the way they are.

– That pile of clothes that are useless because they have been waiting months to go to the dry cleaner? Yeah need to take care of that too.

– I want to go back to paying cash for everything – I was so good at doing that for about a year and this summer I got away from it and I can feel the effects. It is too easy to spend it when you can’t see it. Cash only for the rest of the year.

– My car – yeah that NEEDS to get cleaned. There is enough dog hair there to make an entirely new dog.

– Oh and lastly – that crappy old storage cabinet in the bathroom that is not actually storing anything (other than dust) – gotta go.

Now I just have to GET TO IT. My goal is to do all of this BEFORE I put the Christmas Tree up the first weekend in December.

One thought on “Get to it

  1. I’ve been in a decluttering phase for a while, but there are definitely ebbs and flows…luckily I have been getting back to the point of just being SICK of too. much. stuff. faster and faster lately, which throws me back into the flow quite violently hahaha 😉

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