I had a beautiful weekend with just the right amount of plans. I started out the weekend Friday afternoon trying a new salon and getting my hair cut and colored (shh don’t tell anyone). I have gone to the same salon for years and recently my stylist opened her own 1 chair salon on her own. It’s just not the same for me. It’s harder to get an appointment with her and she is further away but a short distance but a lot of traffic. It all worked out for the best because I love the new place I went to and the stylist was fantastic. For the first time in years I LOVED the way my hair was blown dry after the cut and color. It’s little things like this that make me immensely happy.

Saturday I had lunch with Mom and Dad and got a few bits of summer clothing that I was after. Shorts are not my friend. The last few months I have noticed myself noticing that the image of me in my head is not the image of me I see in photos and in the mirror. In my mind I am not showing any signs of aging (I am not OLD but I am older than I used to be). I am well, “softer”. I am a size 6-8 so I am not worried about being overweight but like everyone I have my own personal body challenges and it seems that recently it seems to be harder to find clothes that fit me right.

I truly envy the people that can walk into a store and find a pair of pants/shorts that fit them off the rack. I am forever needing to tailor, pin and adjust them to get them to fit right. It’s hard to explain. Maybe someday I will do a characature/cartoon to explain how I always have this gap in the back of my pants, because in order to get pants to fit my hips they are inevitably too big in my waist.

Saturday afternoon I went to a BBQ of the wife of a friend from my married days. Basically, when I got divorced she and her husband were in the awkward position of “who do we stay in touch with”. Admittedly it would have been too awkward to stay in touch with my ex and me. But then, THEY got divorced and she and I have hung out a bit. She is considerably younger than me, and thus I was the oldest person at the BBQ by about 10 years in age. One on one she is great but some of the other people there were – well, let’s just say not really my speed.

Today my parents had a Memorial Day BBQ and it was nice to just hang around. Marley got a LOT of outside time in their back yard and she was happy as ever. It was nice to see. Got to spend some good time with Alexa and Ella  and nothing makes me happier than that, but I do admit the constant energy does tire me out after a few hours! Still I love it.

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