Remember my moment of weakness, the one where I (foolishly) put myself out there yet again and then felt bad because I didn’t hear anything back.

Well, I did – hear back that is.

Coincidence or something more I am not sure but I sent the IM at about 10:20 pm because for days I had really been think a lot, as in a lot, a lot — a lot more than normal about him. He replied a few days later to tell me that his dad had passed the same night I texted him at approximately the same time “around 10:00 pm.”

Coincidence or something more. I’m not sure, and I am not reading too much into it — I’m just saying.

Additionally, because I care (and am a glutton for punishment) I sent a sympathy card. To which I got another nice, polite IM back about how the services were.

I am glad he is OK but I have to stop caring or more precisely I have to stop thinking that caring is going to change anything between us.

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