When you get a better title and more pay at work you assume it is a promotion right? Then why do I feel like I have been demoted in some regards.

First a few positive facts:

  • I really like working for my boss
  • I actually enjoy my job for the most part
  • I work with good people
  • The benefits are amazing
  • I have almost the easiest commute possible
  • I know I have a good thing going

Now the rest of the story:

  • I got a promotion a few months back for which I am very grateful.
  • But yet, now somehow the junior project manager has one of the most visible projects in our department and I feel like I am being tasked out of the project.
  • I have no problem with this except that I feel like if something is to go wrong I will, somehow be accountable
  • Plus, it doesn’t align with the “strategy” that I keep being told about – which is to have me manage enterprise-wide projects – this IS an enterprise-wide projects.

Now the even bigger picture:

  • I think I am having a mini-identity crisis over who I am in general, getting older, etc. and maybe (just maybe) it is manifesting itself in this.

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