I’m trying to write more frequently than I did on my last blog. Some days I just wish I had more exciting things to write about.

The weather was gorgeous today – and it was great to start the day seeing Alexa play soccer. The funny thing is she loves being with her friends, and loves being outside and “running the field” but I don’t think she loves “getting in the mix” and really going for the ball. I get that. I felt the same way when I played soccer.

She prefers dance and gymnastics – same as I did. My sister-in-law wants the girls to play “at least one team sport”. Why? Because she liked it? At Alexa’s age, sure encourage her to at least try everything , I just hope she doesn’t over encourage it as she gets older. Why does everyone have to play a team sport?

After the game my mom and I took my sister-in-law out to lunch and a little shopping as a belated birthday gift. It was great to sit outside and eat. It was the warmest part of the day and got much chillier as the day went on.

Ran a few errands, had dinner with mom and dad (and Kathy), and came home and scrubbed my kitchen floor. Not exactly the riving night life one might hope for as a single woman, but it is what it is for now – at least I have a sparkling kitchen floor.

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