I think I have a date next Monday. To dinner AND a Red Sox Game. I am impressed at the effort. I have to admit there are pros and cons to the “fly by” date. You know the kind, the meet for coffee, or a quick lunch date. Don’t commit too much time date. More like an interview and to see if you really are what you look like in your online profile.

The pros are – it is quick and many time I have been the one who has been glad it was quick. But the cons are you really don’t get to start to know someone. The last date I had was 7 hours at a gorgeous seaside town on a beautiful day. It was an amazing day even though ultimately the “spark” never quite “sparked”.

So, a bite to eat and 9-innings are a Red Sox game – I’ll take it. Here’s to hoping. He loves the Cape (his parents live in the same town as my brother’s summer house,) lives in Massachusetts, loves his job, enjoys spending time with his family and can write in full dramatically correct sentences (really you have no idea how many guys just don’t). The only drawback? His profile does say he “Definitely” wants kids. This is the tricky part. I normally never say anything about my situation before meeting someone but a few times it has been a total deal breaker and I am getting to the point where I hate to invest the time if it is. Is that a bad thing?

So I did mention it and we will see what happens. For now, I think I have a date next Monday. 🙂

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