It is about to get hot around here – weather is supposed to jump to a spicy 95-100 degrees tomorrow. So now is less than fantastic time to be nursing a summer cold. Urgh. I probably saw it coming. I mean my mom, my dad, and my niece all had colds on Father’s Day. My family – they love to share.

I am putting myself back out there with online dating again. I want to believe in possibilities but I’d be lying if I said I was overly optimistic this time around. I had one good relationship that started this way, and then broke my heart wide open – even more than my divorce somehow. The most recent and very short-lived experience was well, just not the connection it needed to be to continue.

Mostly I am very wrapped up in work – things are busy and that’s OK. Busy is busy from 9-5 and for the most part I don’t have to work late. The next month will be intense, but then August should be bearable again. All of this feels very vague and superficial to be writing about.

More depth soon. Hopefully.

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