I am just glad to have the next 48 hours to myself – work free – as much as my mind can not think about it. Dave is on vacation next week so I am the most senior person in the department.

As much as it is hard and I have too much on my plate right now I really do like my job and really like my boss.

Kennel help tomorrow before the date. Steve called tonight to firm up plans. We are going to Legal’s but the one near the Aquarium instead of the one by the Seaport. He tried to make reservations there and the earliest time he could get was 9:15 pm.

Pluses so far:

  1. He called to adjust plans and see what I preferred to do. Nice.
  2. He is golfing at Oakley tomorrow so he is picking me up. Again nice. Saves me the cab fare in!
  3. He has a job (believe me I have learned not to assume anything!)
  4. He is close with his family
  5. He made reservations AND offered to pick me up
  6. He has a nice voice on the phone
No expectations but I am looking forward to a nice evening out.


Post date update

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