T.G.I.F. This week even more than recent past, I am very glad it was Friday. Whenever my boss is on vacation the week is even more jam-packed with all kinds of “adventures” at work. I did get the nice added surpirse that (fiscal) year salary increases came out today. I am more than happy with the standard 3%. With everything that has gone on with my back, and other life events I am counting my blessings that I work at such a great place – despite the “adventures” of day to day work.

I will be very glad that my boss is back on Monday.

Another added bonus at work is that they have given everyone 7/3 off as well as the 7/4 holiday. I had planned to take the rest of the week off, but given the product launches this month, I have decided to work M, Th, F next week and then take time later in the summer.

Official year end bonuses will come out sometime in July. I have a number in my head based on past years. Anything over that will be a plus.

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